DirtLabs is a team of rider/mechanics obsessed with bikes and the science-meets-art of dialed suspension. DirtLabs was founded by Mike “Luby” Luebesmier. Luby has a long history of wrenching. His focus on suspension started in 2004 at the Shock Treatment Center in Minneapolis rebuilding and tuning Rock Shox, Manitou, Marzocchi and other brands. As the industry and technology evolved the stack of worn seals and wipers next to Luby’s bench piled up. In 2006 Luby went to Maverick Bikes to handle suspension builds, tuning and repairs. Working directly under Maverick/Rock Shox founder Paul Turner and machinist/engineer Frank Vogel Luby deepened his understanding of suspension from concept, R&D and testing to production and tuning. It was time to take this knowledge base and strike out on his own.

In 2008 DirtLabs opened and quickly became the go to shop. Word of their ability to give bikes that magic feel quickly spread with riders, bike shops and suspension manufacturers and they soon outgrew their shop. In 2012 they added staff and equipment, but kept the same low key vibe and attention to detail. They’ve become a trusted service partner for Fox, Cane Creek, Rock Shox, and X fusion and offer service on nearly every suspension product out there.

Whether you’re hoping for a spot on the podium at the end of the day or just a spot at the bar after an epic ride Dirtlabs can make your ride better, sweeter, plusher — Stop by, email or give them a call. They’ll set you up.




Mike “Luby” Luebesmier

Back in 2004 at the Shock Treatment Center in Minneapolis Luby rebuilt and tuned Rock Shox, Manitou, Marzocchi the handful brands out there. In 2006 Luby went to Maverick as a suspension technician. Working directly under Maverick/Rock Shox founder Paul Turner and head machinist/engineer Frank Vogel allowed Luby to learn suspension from concept and R&D through testing and tuning. In 2008 Luby started DirtLabs and has watched the industry explode with dozens of brands and hundreds of products available — and Luby has worked on all of ‘em. Luby is laid back and low key, and takes good care of his customers, his staff and his family.


Sam Houpt

general manager/pinner
Sam is a bike industry pro with over 13 years experience as a technician and service manager, in Colorado and Oregon. Sam’s DH racing experience started in high school and led him to the collegiate team at CU where he also studied Operations Management and Entrepreneurship. Sam is the motor behind the gears at DL’s and makes sure that day to day operations run smoothly and that the beer fridge always is stocked.


Chris Harris

lead tech/marketing/shredder
Chris began his professional career as an audio and acoustical engineer:

“Audio signal processing and suspension theory are very analogous.  [Spring] rate, compression, and rebound damping exist in both fields.  Low-speed and hi-speed signals in audio are the same low-speed or hi-speed hits on a bike. It’s input versus output really and keeping your wheel on the ground is the same as leveling an audio signal. Having an in-depth understanding of both has provided me with a unique perspective on suspension theory and mechanics”

Chris is one of our leading technicians. When a problem child fork or shock shows up we ditch on Chris’ bench and let the puzzle solving begin. Chris also heads up most of our marketing efforts and keeps up our brand exposure in the biking community. Our go to guy for in-person suspension setups, Chris, helps riders get the baseline established and then fine tune to resolve issues they are feeling on the trail. His Yeti sb6 sees a lot of trail time as well as a race in the Enduro circuit here and there


Luke Bradshaw

technician/endurance beast

With eight years in the bike industry that started as a shop grom Luke has been steadily working his way up gaining invaluable experience along the way and has specialized in suspension work.  Luke raced extensively during highschool including the Socal Edurance 12hour curcuit, and the Kenda Cup. Trained by miramar collage in aviation maintainence Luke doesn’t work on planes, but still likes to help things fly. When he’s not wrenching he’s riding his favorite Colorado trails on his Niner ROS9 hardtail pushing the DH pace of most 160mm full suspension riders. During winter months you’ll find him hiding out in the uncrowded backcountry.

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