Thanks for your interest in becoming part of the team! Read below to see what option is most fitting.  Applications are being accepted for the 2018 season from Feb 1 – March 15.


>The DL A-Team 

You ride bikes a lot, probably too much, but we get it. Our A-team ambassador program is for the people who are commited to staying invloved in the bike community and are always talking about bikes. You may be a racer, a group orgnizer, or even a #vanlyfer but one thing is for certain… you spend more time in the saddle than in a desk chair.


  • Extensive social media reach and/or race resume
  • Eager to discuss suspension related topics to fellow riders.
  • Ok with going-half in on the purchase of a Jersey / tech-t. (we pay half, you pay half usually ~$30)
  • Attend our suspension clinic (webinar if out of state)
  • Write 2 pieces of content a year. This can be short but suspension relevant. (product review, tech video, etc.)
  • Provide pictures to be used for social media content throughout the year
  • Post dirtlabs generated content to your social media. Don’t worry, we are happy to work with you to ensure the message jives well with your audience.

What you get

  • 65-100% off suspension service at factory recommended intervals
    • Rate based on reach and referrals
  • (2) 30% off coupon codes to hand out to people who seem interested in the inner workings of suspension products
  • Promotion on our social media outlets
  • Feature on website
  • Tuning / setup support
  • $10 off referral codes
  • 1 t-shirt
  • Stickers, lots of stickers!

>The DL Ambassador:

Do you consider yourself a leader in your riding team, club, or group? Do you often organize rides or find yourself as the one who is the knowledge resource for your peers? You may fall into the category of weekend warrior, extreme enthuasist, or find yourself climbing up the ranks in your local race series. You likely spend too much money on bike related parts… we are here to help.


  • Willingness to talk suspension to peers
  • Willingness to promote the brand through personal social media outlets and generally represent the brand
  • Meet us halfway on a T-shirt (usually around $8)

What you get

  • 25% off suspension service at factory recommended intervals
  • (2) 15% off referrals
  • $5 off new-customer referal codes
  • Suspension help/support
  • Stickers, lots of stickers!

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