Merriam-Webster: An authorized representative or messenger
Dirtlabs Definition: Legitimate stoker of suspension exhilaration, myth debunkment, and setup know-how.

At Dirtlabs, we covet those who focus tooth and nail on talking bikes, riding bikes, racing bikes…you get the point.  In support of this notion we will continue our ambassador programs in 2019. Sure, social media tags are good and grand; however, what we really value is genuine conversation. This conversation means believing in our values and spreading our love for the squishy bits at the trailhead, bar, and local shop.

Along with discounted tuning, service, and parts we do our best to provide support to Ambassadors to ensure their suspension needs are taken care of. Ambassadors improve the sport of mountain biking through education, maintenance promotion, and relationship building. Whether you are traveling every weekend for races or just locally known as the go to ‘bike person’ this program could be for you!

Interested in becoming a Dirtlabs Ambassador?  

Check out the opportunities and responsibilities below to see what works for you!

Application period is closed for the 2019 season

Dirtlabs Race Level Ambassador (A-Team)

Race Level Ambassadors are part of a more focused and dedicated community of riders. Those who commit the hours at the gym, late nights in front of the repair stand, and long days on the road for race weekends. These riders understand the sacrifices and rewards of determination and are extremely passionate about all aspects of the sport. While we are not holding our ambassadors to this many posts here, or that many tags there, we hope you will be stoked enough to share our passion for suspension with those who look towards you for insight into what professional suspension care is all about.

If you are a rider that is equally interested in perpetuating the mountain bike community and experience as you are in your individual result, we are here to help with both aspirations.  

A Race Level Ambassador…

  • Has a robust race resume and/or extensive social media presence.
  • Is comfortable and outgoing to share suspension related tech and topics with other riders.
  • Will spend some one on one time with one of our techs focusing on specifics for their particular bike as well as things to look out for with other riders.
  • Will allow Dirtlabs to repost content created by you.
  • Will promote Dirtlabs to their peers and share $10-off promo codes.


Race Level Benefits:

  • 65-100% off suspension service, tuning, and upgrades (at factory recommended intervals) *
  • Discount coupons and codes to distribute among interested riders (Two 30% off coupons, $10 off codes)
  • 1 DirtLabs t-shirt
  • 50% off Dirtlabs Jersey/Tech Tee
  • Promotion via Dirtlabs media outlets
  • Website feature
  • Suspension Support (Tuning/setup)
  • Sticker pack!

* Discount level based on reach and referrals


Dirtlabs Grassroots Ambassador

Do you consider yourself a leader in your riding community?  Do you regularly organize rides or find yourself answering questions about trail conditions or that funny sound your buddy’s bike is making?  Whether you are the dawn-patrol diva, a weekend warrior, or rising star of your local “Wednesday night worlds” series you may be a great Grassroots Ambassador of our suspension sorcery.

Typical ambassadors are active in their own bike community, attend an event or two, and consider themselves to be mechanically inclined.

What we ask of you:

  • Willingness to share suspension knowledge and tech with your peers.
  • Representation of the Dirtlabs brand via social media and trailside snack breaks.
  • Purchase at least one (1) Dirtlabs T-shirt at 75% off.



  • 25%-30% off suspension service, tuning, and upgrades (at factory recommended intervals) *
  • Discount cards and codes for referrals
  • Suspension advice/support
  • Sticker pack!

* Discounted service is for ambassador’s personal bike only.

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