Dropper Post Rebuilds

Dropper posts take a beating. Maybe it’s because you ride hard, maybe because you put your belt on with a boomerang, either way the post takes some serious abuse. We can get it working like new with a full rebuild. We tear down your post, wash it, look for damage and replace any necessary parts before a full lubrication and reassembly. All work is subject to a checklist, inspected by a tech manager, and covered by our 30 day warranty.

  • Complete Teardown and reassembly
  • Cleaning of all components and elimination of old oil
  • Inspect/replace all sealing components
  • Sizing/replace bushings (when needed)
  • Lubricate all components
  • Install/upgrade new wiper seals
  • Thorough Testing

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  • Stealth Reverb (Typical overhauls priced around $160)
  • External Reverb (Typical overhauls priced between $100-$110)


  • Revive (Typical overhauls priced around $150)


  • Transfer (Typical overhauls priced around $160)


  • Jack (Typical overhauls priced around $160)


  • Command Post (Typical overhauls priced around $150)

KindShock - KS

Typical overhauls priced between $150-160

  • LEV
  • DX
  • Integra

Supernatural posts are non-serviceable

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