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The topic of “long shocking” frames is one we hear a lot.  Frame manufactures like Santa Cruz with their Hightower, and may others specify shocks that have limited stroke for their eye-to-eye measurements. There are most definitely reasons behind limiting stroke and considerations should be made before tossing a 200 x 57 shock on your frame specified for 200 x 51. (or 210 x 55  swap for 210 x 50 / 230 x 65 swap for  230 x 60)

The biggest issue with using a shock with a longer stroke is that during bottom out, the longer stroke can ultimately cause interference, usually with the wheel and the seat tube.  You can imagine what happens when tire tread finds the frame… stop-age of the wheel + forward momentum = a bad time.

That being said there are a lot of people who have found success with the modification. We STRONGLY advise you to confirm with your frame manufacture prior to performing any modification.

What we have been able to achieve is splitting the difference.  i.e. 200 x 54, 210 x 52.5, 230 x 62.5. This allows the piece of mind and ability to run a higher profile tire.  shoot us an email to see if it could be right for you

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  • Damion Reeves

    Hi Gurus !

    Are you able to give me some advice ? I have a 2017 SC Hightower CC (not the LT model).

    The frame came with a Rockshox Monarch RT3 (200×51). I’ve ridden 1,600km on the bike since I bought it new about August 2017.

    In the last few weeks the shock has been compressing even when I’ve locked it totally out….and when locked out, makes a “clunk” noise when riding on the bitumen road (due to my body weight and pedalling) !

    I’ve removed the shock, replaced all air can seals with a Rockshox Service Kit (part number 11.4118.038.000) and greased/oiled as applicable.

    Even after doing this, the same thing is happening….

    It’s become so bad that the sag seems to have gone from like 30% to 40%….and even a 7km ride on bitumen to work seems to make the shock work so it uses 50%-60% of its travel.

    I was wondering if you’d have any ideas on what I might look at to fix the issue ?

    I am seriously contemplating spending AU$700 on a new Fox DPX2 200×51 or AU$600 on a new Fox DPS 200×51.

    Kind Regards,


    • Chris Harris

      Damion, it sounds like you may have an air transfer issues occurring. Check the sealing surface of your aircan. Also, the dpx2 would be a large upgrade!

  • Paul Penalver

    Hi Guys,

    Ive got a 2016 fox DPS that I bought as New-Old stock, didnt realize it is a 50 or 51mm stroke and I need a 57mm for my Commencal Meta SX, do you think this is something you can help with?

    • Chris Harris

      That is a possibility though will require some additional parts as well as a complete tear down of the shock. Shoot us an email for some more specifics.

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