Shock Overhauls & Tuning

Shocks in particular can change the ride of your bike. Maybe you’re riding a slowly degrading shock accommodating for loss of performance with extra effort or less flow. Or perhaps you know that the one size fits all stock set up isn’t right for you. Either way we make sure that the shock you ride is a shock you love.

We do more than replace oil and seals — we do complete overhauls. We tear down your shock, wash it, look for damage and replace any necessary parts before reassembly. We consider every point of stiction and lubricate, and tune to fit your riding style. All work is subject to a checklist, inspected by a tech manager,  and covered by our 90 day warranty.

  • Complete Teardown and reassembly
  • Cleaning of all components and elimination of old oil
  • Inspect/replace all sealing components
  • Sizing/replace bushings (when needed)
  • Lubricate all components
  • Install/upgrade new wiper seals
  • Tune Damper (when needed)
  • Thorough Testing

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Typical overhauls priced between $137-160

  • DPX2
  • DHX (air and coil)
  • DHX 2
  • Float
  • RP2
  • RP23
  • CTD
  • Triad
  • RC2
  • RC4
  • DRCV
  • Float X
  • Van RC
  • Van R
  • Float x2
  • re:aktiv
  • Nude
  • DPS
  • Boost Valve Series
  • Evolution Series


Typical overhauls priced between $140-160
*Pre-2015 Vivid Air $250-270, 2015+ $185-195

  • Deluxe
  • Super Deluxe
  • Vivid Air
  • Vivid Coil
  • Kage
  • Monarch Plus
  • Monarch R
  • Monarch RL
  • Monarch Rt3
  • Ario


  • Raze
  • Elka

Cane Creek

Typical overhauls priced between $165-195

  • Double Barrel (air, coil, CS)
  • Inline
  • C-Quent
  • DB Coil IL


Typical overhauls priced between $137-160

  • O2
  • Vector Air
  • Vector Coil


Typical overhauls priced between $147-160

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