Our tuning program is one that skips the cookie-cutter valve stacks and overpriced pistons.  We use a rider-input approach that takes in to consideration riding style, frame / leverage rates, and most importantly, what you want out of your bike.

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Custom Valving  $25 + parts
Do you want more low speed compression, more support, better small bump compliance, or bottom out control? Get the characteristics you want out of your shock with a custom valving tune.

Volume Reduction $5-$10
Want to be able to run a little less pressure without bottoming out? Control your spring curve with volume reduction. 

Do you want a firmer lockout? Do you want to convert your lockout into more of a trail mode?  Tune your threshold assembly?

Are you wanting to upgrade to the latest damper or airspring assembly?  Ask us about what is available for your suspension piece

Wanting to get the latest aftermarket piece into your fork or shock?

MRP Ramp control $135 –  $99 if associated with a full rebuild!

Think about another upgrade?  Give us a shout

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