We focus solely on suspension -not brakes -not wheels -just suspension. As the complexity of suspension products increases, so does the need for servicing. What used to be driven by coil springs and a simple rebound damping unit is now driven by multi-step poppet assemblies, twin tube damper architectures, and volume adjustable, multi-chamber, air springs systems.

Shop mechanics may tell you. “I serviced 4 Fox 36’s last year and haven’t had a single issue” or “Rockshox rear shocks are easy, the manual is online and doesn’t require nitrogen.” Sure, resources for repairs are becoming easier to find and large distributors are prying at the gates to supple service parts to shops across the country but that does not mean just anyone should be performing repairs.

What these many of these “occasional suspension techs” don’t realize is that to stand behind your work you need the knowledge that comes with 10 years of seeing “what broke.” What piece of a damper snapped in the 2010 fox RLC that is translatable to todays Grip2 damper – or how the 2007 Rockshox Sid Dual airspring has a stunning resemblance to todays negative air Pike/lyik airsprings – and their issues.


Since Mike “Luby” Luebesmier  started Dirtlabs in 2008, we haven’t touched a wheel, a tube, or a derailleur.  We are suspension specialist.  Our expertise in the very nuance-driven suspension service industry has made us the best at what we do.  We see thousands of components from all types of riders from all over the country. With a wide range of issues, or simply for routine maintenance, components are treated as if it was our own to deliver the best ride quality and reliability to our customers.  This expertise and ability to identify underlying issues has given us this knowledge to work closely with manufactures in improving reliability and performance.

We are riders too and pride ourselves on the ride expierence you will have with our service.  To back that up, we have a warranty policy to prove it.  We don’t think you will, but if you do have an issue with any of our services we are glad to issue you a call-tag, free of charge, right away.  Out of the 90-day period?  No problem.  We are here to help.

When choosing your suspension service, stick with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the industry.  Dirtlabs is not a bike shop.  We are a well-stocked, customer-oriented,  suspension service center.

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